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Recruiting new team members USE TO BE a challenge! With Yip Yip, you can now automate and streamline this effort by using your team’s social media account to save you time and money and find hires that are better for your team.

Your current staff is a powerful source of applicant referrals but getting them to activate has always been a challenge.

Not any more! Promote all your job openings through your current team’s social media accounts without asking them to share, share, share. Just do it for them!



We know recruiting new hires is challenging and expensive.
That’s why we created Yip Yip Recruiting to take away the pain and the expense.



  • Admin and user roles for managing content creation, posting and publishing rights
  • Flexible user groups and routes for granular messaging strategies
  • Connect social accounts for an unlimited number of users
  • Closed loop reporting and analytics on performance, compliance, and effects to your bottomline
  • Post to everyone’s LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook all with the app
  • Quick and easy calendar view for your team to see their post schedule
  • Create article post once and push to thought leadership blogs automatically
  • Download a mobile app for easy on-the-go access

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