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Recruiting new team members USE TO BE a challenge! With Yip Yip, you can now automate and streamline this effort by using your team’s social media account to save you time and money and find hires that are better for your team.

Hire closer to home

Activate and mobilize your current staff as a powerful source of applicant referrals without the challenge of asking them to do a thing.

Track referral sources

We make it easy to track everyone’s unique referral source without the extra hassle.

Easily reward your employees

Never miss a beat when it comes to reporting and offer your employees and bonus if they recruit someone, without asking them to do a thing.

Save time and money

Our solution comes at a fraction of the cost of recruiting sites and job boards with much better results.

Yip Yip Makes Recruiting Easy

Get your job posting out infront of more people at a fraction of the cost. Calculate your reach to find out how many people you could reach.

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Just like that, every member on your team is now a digital marketing machine on behalf of your organization.

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