Make Every Sales Rep a Digital Marketing Machine

Ready to integrate marketing and sales to realize the true power of content? Yip Yip is the secret to enabling every member of the sales team to attract and nurture leads with inbound sales automation.

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Meet and exceed quotas

Sales reps who utilize social selling activities are 79% more likely to hit their monthly goals (Source: Aberdeen).

Simplify social selling

Each sales rep is equipped to automatically publish content on their own website and across their social media channels.

Easy administration

It’s easy to setup flexible systems to manage content creation, posting and publishing.

Seamless and smart

A mobile app delivers anytime access and scheduling features to everyone on the team.

Robust reporting

Yip Yip delivers closed-loop reporting on performance and compliance in real-time.


Yip Yip Performs Social Media Magic

Yes! It’s true, content produced by just one marketing professional feeds the social streams of everyone on the sales team.

See how it works

Trusted by industry leaders big and small


Just like that, every member on your team is now a digital marketing machine on behalf of your organization.

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