Make Your Employees Active Brand Advocates

Want to amplify the voice of your brand on social media? The secret lies in multiplying the number of people who share regular updates on your behalf. With Yip Yip, it’s easy and you don’t have to train anyone to do it.

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Increase website traffic

Employee advocacy results in a 5x increase in web traffic and 25% more leads. Source: Edelman Trust Barometer 

Easily repurpose content

Content produced by the marketing department is syndicated for publication and re-used by everyone enlisted in your brand advocacy program.

Exponentially increase your reach

The same amount of effort works harder to reach far more potential buyers when you syndicate your content. Increase your reach by however many employees you have!

Seamless and smart

Employees publish the content they’re provided with one click and get a mobile app to review and approve posts.

Compete with a leaderboard

Gamification makes this platform a no-brainer. Your employees will love using our app and competing for first place.

Yip Yip Performs Social Media Magic

Content syndication multiplies the expanse atop your inbound funnel. Calculate your reach to find out how many people you could reach.

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Just like that, every member on your team is now a digital marketing machine on behalf of your organization.

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