Yip Yip Policies


Yip Yip is a communication platform that allows one to many communication to social and blog type media. At no time will Yip Yip use the information provided to it in any activity other than the normal course of business as a communication platform. Yip Yip will not sell or market information about its users, clients, subscribers, customers, or business partners without their explicit permission. Information obtained during normal activity such as an web site visits and other metrics may be used to generate marketing reports, but every effort will be made to remove any personally identifiable data from any non-internal report or presentation.
Account information is used only to authenticate clients and customers, and will never be used to market products or services, nor will it ever be disclosed to any parties outside of the platform. User accounts may have an administrator account that supervises them, and this administrator account may view the contact information of the user in order to perform maintenance.

Acceptable Use

A user of the the platform may:
1. create content (Articles) for posting to a website (Blog).
2. post links to those Articles, or to other URLs, on social media.
To enable social media a user will allow the platform to post on their behalf utilizing OAUTH. The platform will never automatically post or pre-fill a post. The user must interactively create posts. However, a post may be suggested by an administrator. Administrator posts are never automatic.

Users agree to only sign in to social media accounts they own. Use of second or third party accounts is strictly prohibited and may be reported as abuse to the social network, whose policy this violates.

Use of multiple accounts of any kind to create, enable, or send spam of any kind is prohibited.

Violation of these rules will result in suspension of accounts with no refunds, and may result in legal action to recover damages.

Social Media Access

In the course of using the platform users may connect to social media. This allows the platform access to the following items, for the following purposes:

Basic information
Allows the Owner to retrieve some basic information from your Facebook profile.

Provides access to the birthday.

Manage Pages
Manage the user’s pages.

Post to Profile
The app can post to your feed.

Post to Pages
The app can post to pages you manage.

Bussiness Manager
The app can post to businesses you manage.

The app can collect information about posts including likes, shares, comments

Friends List
The app can view your friends

Access to the Twitter account
Personal Data: various types of Data as specified in the privacy policy of the service

Personal Data:
We may make use of the following personally identifiable information:
Cookies set by us, or our partners, may be used and read
Usage data from our site, or sites you have visit that we are allowed to monitor
Social features such as sites visited, or social networks used and connected to our site
Public profile information which you have provided to one or more social network or web services
Personal information which you have provided to us as part of your account, or given us access to on a social network may be used to help identify you

All data collected is the property of Yip Yip Inc. with the exception of copyrighted material posted as Articles, which remain the property of the Author unless ownership is waived by prior agreement.

Contact Information:

Yip Yip Inc.
3740 Da Vinci Ct.
Peachtree Corners, GA 30092

Please report operational or abuse issues to:
IT Operations: ops@goyipyip.com
For customer service and technical support queries:
Tech Support:  support@goyipyip.com

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