Build your Web of Influence by extending your reach across stakeholders' social media networks.

Web of Influence

Build Webs of Influence

Before customers will trust what you say, they first have to trust you. People trust other people more than they trust companies. So what if you could extend your online marketing to speak through the people who are most invested in your organization?

Here are a just a few ways companies are putting the power of Yip Yip to work.

B2B Businesses

Publish to sales reps' social media to boost their brand authority and word-of-mouth referrals.

Trade Associations

Attract and retain members with a powerful digital-marketing program that help your members become liked, trusted and remembered in their online networks.

Inbound Agencies

Get more “bang for the buck” from your content marketing and generate leads your clients' sales teams value.


Reduce your time to recruit and hire by driving social recruiting across employees' social networks.

Trade Media

Grow your digital programming with a service your readership will value to help grow their businesses.


Got Content?

Launch an in-demand service that’s profitable for you and your customers. Organizations already active in content marketing can add a new service that customers need and value with a profitable, recurring revenue stream.


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Sales: Enabled!

Give your sales reps a high-quality, lead-producing social presence.

B2B marketing teams can now publish content over their sales team's social media platforms, and give their reps a further boost with personalized blogs that boost their brand authority.


Grow Your Web of Influence™

Create a powerful and ever-expanding Web of Influence for your business and your team.

Tell us who you want to reach with your story, and Yip Yip will show you how we can help make it a bigger story with a better ending:  One in which you reach and engage more leads…with less time and expense than any other investment you can make.


“Yip Yip is a great way to mobilize your workforce on behalf of your company; it’s additional ROI on your human capital.”

– LaShaun Williams