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automated social & blog posting for every sales member
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Everyone on the Team is a Digital Marketing Machine.

Amplify and humanize your sales, branding and recruiting efforts to grow your business with Yip Yip.

Magnify Your Message. Amplify Your Brand.

Tell the world about your business through your entire team. Leverage their social media accounts and amplify your message wider, faster.

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Amplify Your Reach

Efficiently boost your messages by promoting through your team’s social channels

Manage From One

Easily control and create thought leadership for your entire team in once place

Dramatically Increase Effectiveness

Data shows that posting from your employees is so much more effective than from your company pages.

Every Sales Rep is a Digital Marketing Machine.

You understand the power of Inbound Marketing. Provide the funnel for every sales rep and allow buyers to engage directly with their sales rep early in their buying journey.

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Hit Quotas

Sales reps who utilize social selling activities are 79% more likely to hit their monthly goals (Aberdeen).

More Sales Activities

Sales reps who utilize social selling activities get 45% more sales opportunities than those who do not.

Content Strategy

Need help with your content strategy or content development? We can do that too!

Stop Begging Your Employees to Share Your Job Openings.

Incentivize your entire team and leverage their social media accounts to promote your next opening.

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Personalized Social Posts

Announce your job openings via your entire teams social media accounts and their entire digital network.

Track Applicants

Know which applicants where referred by your team members and award them for successful hires.

Save Money. Hire Better.

Referred candidates are less expensive to find, faster to hire and tend to stay longer at your company.

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Our Use Cases

B2B Enterprise

Business are building better human-to-human relationships and finding the right hires on social networks for workforce retention and faster sales cycles.

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Non Profit

Leaders in non profit are amplifying their most important messages at just the right time to raise the funding and create the awareness they need.

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Inbound Agencies

Inbound agencies are multiplying their results by personalizing the funnel for every sales rep’s inbound sales efforts.

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Just like that, every member on your team is now a digital marketing machine on behalf of your organization.

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Team Yip Yip

A little bit about us.

Our mission is to enable organizations to start selling and marketing with the future in mind. We enable businesses to work smarter, not harder. With Yip Yip, increase ROI on communication efforts, create more referrals and opportunities and build brand awareness to increase revenues fast.

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Yip Yip personalizes & automates communication for every team member for inbound sales, brand advocacy and recruiting.

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