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Social Media Calendar | Blog Platform + CMS | Content Syndication

Yip Yip is a personalized communication platform that turns every client facing member on your team into digital marketing machines at the push of a button.

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Stop asking your team to share share share. Instead, do it for them.

Our platform is built for personalized communications on behalf of your organization, without all the hassle.

Personalized Social Posts

Social Media Calendar and Posts for Personalized Messaging

All the things you’re used to in a social posting platform, with a twist. Connect and post to your team’s social accounts all in one place.

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Personalized thought Leadership

Create and Distribute Articles on Behalf of Your Team

Distribution might be queen, but content is still king! Create and syndicate industry articles through your team with our thought leader blog pages and control the look and feel right from within the platform. Choose from a variety of pre-built templates or have a custom template built, on brand for your organization.

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Create + share once for massive reach

Content Syndication for Massive Reach to your Extended Network

What makes our solution like non other is our combination of social, blogging, and content syndication to tell the world about your business through your entire team. You create a post once, and it instantly gets made and posted through every member on your team.

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Why a personalized messaging platform?

We are a one-for-many marketing platform that empowers one person to do the work of many. Schedule, create and post social and blog posts on behalf of your entire team for social selling, recruiting, and employee advocacy

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Just like that, every member on your team is now a digital marketing machine on behalf of your organization.

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