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Brandon Lee on The Yin and Yang Show

Yip Yip TeamFun Stuff, Marketing, Sales, Social Selling

  The Yin and Yang Show: How to Push Sales Reps into the Social Conversation Gently and Effectively – prospectbuilder As a sales rep, if you go to a networking event and stand against the wall without speaking to anyone, it’s a waste of time. How can you expect to make connections and grow your… Read More

Experience Sales Enablement 2017 Conference Sells Out with the Promotion Power of Yip Yip

Laura V. OspinaCelebrate the Wins, Marketing, Sales Enablement, Sales Engagement, Social Media, Social Media Marketing, Social Selling, Yip Yip News

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 10/24/17 Atlanta, GA: On 24 October 2017 The Sales Enablement Society announced the sell out of their yearly conference held later this month. Through the direct efforts of social media marketing through their members, The Sales Enablement Society, founded in 2016, has grown exponentially over the past year. This year’s conference in… Read More

Why you Should Mobilize EVERY Team Member to be Social Employees for your Business

David GabrielMarketing, Sales, Sales Engagement, Social Media Marketing, Social Selling

Over the past 10 years, we have seen a new marketing channel emerge, and it is called “Social Employees”. These are employees that are passionate about the work they do and their company. These passionate employees voluntarily talk about the company’s mission, culture and product across digital channels. This might include blogging and posting on… Read More

The Struggle is Real: Less Than 50% of Sales Reps Make Quota

Laura V. OspinaSales, Sales Enablement, Sales Engagement, Social Selling, Yip Yip News

Sales quotas have increased an average of 6% year-over-year since 2015. But the number of sales reps achieving quota has been declining 25% a year, according to the 2017 Metrics and Compensation Research Report conducted by the Bridge Group. Not great news for sales teams who are out there every day building relationships, filling pipelines… Read More

Yip Yip Inc. Becomes Channel Partners with RytePath

Laura V. OspinaYip Yip News

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 9/21/17 Laura Ospina Marketing Manager 404.797.2656   Atlanta, GA: 21 September 2017, RytePath and Yip Yip are pleased to announce a partnership to jointly represent their respective offerings. RytePath is a market leader in sourcing “in market” business leads to assist companies with their customer acquisition efforts. Yip Yip is a… Read More

Celebrate The Wins with Founder Dave Kustin of Content Bacon

Yip Yip TeamCelebrate the Wins, Content Creation, Content Marketing, Marketing, Social Selling

In this episode of Celebrate The Wins, discover why sales and the art of content and building relationships go hand in hand. Join Yip Yip CEO Brandon Lee as he celebrates with Dave Kustin Founder of ContentBacon on some content and sales wins. Founded in 2013 and officially launched in 2014, ContentBacon is the brainchild of Wendy… Read More


Laura V. OspinaCelebrate the Wins, Content Marketing, Yip Yip News

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 9/6/17 David Gabriel Yip Yip Inc. 315-744-4814 GIANT WORLDWIDE CASE STUDY: PERSONALIZED CONTENT INCREASES WEBSITE TRAFFIC, SOCIAL ENGAGEMENT & LEAD GENERATION Atlanta, GA: On Sept 6th, 2017, Yip Yip Inc. is excited to show the results of a global client. GiANT Worldwide helps develop leadership qualities for organizations, teams and individuals…. Read More

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