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Recruiting and Hiring on Social Media Through Your Employees

Yip Yip TeamContent Marketing, Marketing, Sales, Sales Enablement, Social Media, Social Media Marketing

Are you looking for your next great employee? There are a lot of traditional hiring practices, but sometimes it can be really tough to find that perfect person for your needs. If you haven’t attempted to recruit through social media, then you might be approaching your hiring process the wrong way. You want great people… Read More

Connecting Buyers to Sellers: How personalization is changing the way we sell and buy online.

Brandon LeeMarketing, Sales, Sales Engagement, Social Media, Social Selling

As technology continues to change the face of B2B sales, it is so very important for sales representatives to stay ahead of the curve. More and more, we will see consumers going to search engines and social networks for their purchases and sales representatives will slowly die off. The only way to prevent this from… Read More

Celebrate the Wins with Amy Franko founder and president of Impact Instruction Group

Yip Yip TeamCelebrate the Wins, Marketing, Sales, Social Media, Social Selling

On this episode of CTW, join Brandon Lee as we celebrate with Amy Franko, founder and president of The Impact Instruction Group based in Columbus Ohio. Going through a technology transformation can be a challenge for companies big and small. Learn from Amy on how they helped closed the biggest deal of their company’s history and… Read More

Meeting your Sales Quota in 2018 Means Personal Branding for Every Sales Rep

Brandon LeeContent Marketing, Marketing, Sales, Sales Engagement, Social Media

Technology changes everything, and if you’re feeling like you have to play catch up, you’re not alone. Person-to-person sales are suffering in big ways, as consumers are becoming more and more interested in researching and purchasing online. This really affects B2B sales, as a report from Forrester indicates that “68% of B2B buyers prefer to… Read More

The Power of Social Proof in 2017

Laura V. OspinaContent Marketing, Marketing, Sales Engagement, Social Media, Social Media Marketing, Social Selling

Social media has totally turned the marketing industry upside down in ways that we could never have guessed. Nielsen, the mainstay of media data studies, has reported in a recent study that the majority of consumers now place their trust in online, social and mobile advertising. If you’ve ever doubted the effectiveness or success of… Read More

Brandon Lee on The Yin and Yang Show

Yip Yip TeamFun Stuff, Marketing, Sales, Social Selling

  The Yin and Yang Show: How to Push Sales Reps into the Social Conversation Gently and Effectively – prospectbuilder As a sales rep, if you go to a networking event and stand against the wall without speaking to anyone, it’s a waste of time. How can you expect to make connections and grow your… Read More

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