Yip Yip June Product Feature Release Gives Users More Flexibility

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 6/21/17 David Gabriel Yip Yip Inc. 888.963.9412 info@goyipyip.com Yip Yip June Release Gives Users More Flexibility ATLANTA G.A.: On June 21st, 2017, Yip Yip Inc. announces a feature release including the following: Website Customizer Menu: – Platform Admin can now choose templates and custom fields – Platform Admin has more options for customizing team site page with much … Read More

Angel Oak Creative joins Yip Yip as an exclusive White Label Partner for Nonprofits

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 6/21/17 David Chatham Angel Oak Creative 919-602-9612 david@angeloakcreative.com Angel Oak Creative joins Yip Yip as an exclusive White Label Partner for Nonprofits ATLANTA and RALEIGH, N.C.: On June 21st, 2017, Yip Yip Inc. is pleased to announce the partnership of North Carolina marketing agency, Angel Oak Creative, as the first exclusively nonprofit white label. Angel Oak releases … Read More

The missing link in social selling

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All of us at Yip Yip are so excited about connecting with IBM Influencer Jeff Sheehan, as he forecasts trends in marketing & social selling. When he’s not training or sharing his expertise as a speaker and author, he identifies the most innovative pieces of technology making a difference for the global market and economy. With decades of experience and … Read More

How to know if you are an early adopter.

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Early adopters, whose enthusiasm is essential to any company hoping to make a lasting imprint on the market, inevitably accompany the launch of new technology. Tech marketers go to great lengths to target them, but what characterizes and drives these pioneers? They are typically risk-takers who are willing to spend extra money and take a few chances so that they … Read More

Content Marketing is Growing Up!

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The content marketing industry is growing up. Finally! Okay, maybe “growing up” isn’t exactly the right word. I think content marketing has been well established for years and years now. It is just maturing and adapting like all marketing must do over time. I like to tell people that my team and I have been in content marketing for nearly … Read More

Welcome to the Yip Yip Blog and Podcast

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Hey Yip Yip community! We are excited to announce the launch of  Yip Yip’s community blog and podcast. Our goal is to help strategic business leaders celebrate the wins, learn from the mistakes, and drive sales engagement and enablement across their organization. If you want to subscribe to these updates CLICK HERE.  The Mission and Vision of our Community Blog … Read More