Yip Yip’s New Library and Article Import Feature Integrated with Hubspot

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Calling for the Attention of Hubspot Users is Yip Yip’s New Library and Article Import Feature Integrated with Hubspot
ATLANTA GA: On December 13, 2017, Yip Yip Inc. announced a feature release that provides a powerful integration with Hubspot’s blog and analytics API.


The new blog integration adds the ability for Hubspot users to import Hubspot blog articles in-app. This feature, while simple, is making waves in the inbound agency community of Hubspot and is only the start to a much larger integration strategy with Hubspot’s CRM and other marketing automation platforms. According to CEO Brandon Lee, this and other similar integrations “powerfully simplify and streamline the way content marketers can reuse and personalize existing corporate content through their sales team”.


A new content library was also announced with a powerful filtering system that helps Admins of Yip Yip better manage and share access to Users who want to repurpose blog articles on  their own personal blog sites on behalf of their company.

Click here to learn more about these new features.


For more information about Yip Yip Inc., visit www.goyipyip.com



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