The Fastest Way to get 10k Monthly Visitors to your Site

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Let’s get this straight. The fastest way to drive 10,000 visitors to your site in one month is with paid ads.

The problem with ads is they can be expensive. 10,000 visitors every month might cost you $10,000-$30,000 per month ($120k per year). I had a client that was spending over $30k / month on paid ads, and it worked because he made 10x that amount each month.

Paid advertising is an effective way if you’re looking for immediate results. However, paid ads do not provide sustainable traffic. If you stop paying for ads, your traffic stops, and that means your sales stop.

Also, paid ads are not a viable option if you don’t have the capital.



In contrast, if you invest in organic strategies such as Content Marketing, SEO, Social Media (not paid), and referral traffic (influencer marketing, online pr, building backlinks etc), you will grow a consistent amount of traffic to your website. This means thousands and thousands of people going to your website each month.

In the long-run, organic is typically more effective. The challenge is organic traffic is expensive upfront (financially or time-wise), and it can often take over a year to see results.

Very few people can start right out of the gate and attract 10k users. If they do, it’s because they are leveraging their influence (that took years to build), they are buying traffic (which could cost $10k-$30k per month), or the traffic is worthless (bought 10,000 sessions for $100).



Actually, there is another way to gain 10,000 users without ads or lots of influence.

Empowering employees, volunteers & raving fans to post about you.

This is called earned media. It is free exposure. I’ve seen unbelievable things happen when organizations empower their fans (employees, volunteers & brand advocates).

Look at Disney, Starbucks & Apple. Perfect examples of the power of engaged employees.



You can get 10k every month easily with engaged employees. Here’s the framework:

Using the Reach Formula, if just 40 employees posted once about your company every single day w/ a link to your site for 30 days, you would get more than 10,000 clicks to your site.

Yip Yip is a tool that can help organize these fans cost effectively, or you can organize them manually.

Hope this helps! Gaining traffic is always challenging in the beginning, especially if you have never executed these strategies in full to see the results. Experience will make you more confident. Once you break through the 10k barrier, it’s much easier to do it over and over again.

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