Yip Yip October Feature Release Gives Users More Personalization & Meaningful Data

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ATLANTA GA: On October 25, 2017, Yip Yip Inc. announces a feature release including the following:

Admins, User Groups, and Nested Groups
An update to the structure of our Admin and User roles now makes it possible for Admins to create groups and
nested groups to help better define the route of a particular post. These updates will give Admins the ability to
create, save, and post to specific groups. This allows Users to receive more personalized content.

  • An Admin can choose specific people to add or remove from a post route when creating a post
  • An Admin can create groups and save specific nested groups under the groups section.

Multi-Post Variants New Feature

  • Admins and Users can now write different text for Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn within the same Yip Yip
  • Admins can also create and send posts with a variety of text to Users. (ex: If you created a post within Yip Yip
    with 4 different messages, and you have 4 people on your team, each user would receive different text for their
  • Users will now only receive one email for a post with different text across Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn.

Updated Dashboard

  • View the TOP 3 POSTS for the week.
  • Find out RANK compared to other members on the NEW LEADERBOARD.
  • See how many ENGAGEMENTS (reactions, shares & comments) are received on each Yip Yip post.

Brandon Lee, CEO and Founder of Yip Yip Says “These recent updates have us all excited. We are looking forward to
bringing more helpful ways to simplify and empower the users of Yip Yip to provide more personalized content in a more streamlined way, and this is only the start of a whole new roll out this fall “

For more information about Yip Yip Inc. visit www.goyipyip.com .

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