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The Yin and Yang Show: How to Push Sales Reps into the Social Conversation Gently and Effectively – prospectbuilder

As a sales rep, if you go to a networking event and stand against the wall without speaking to anyone, it’s a waste of time. How can you expect to make connections and grow your network? It’s the same with social engagement. Social media channels are an excellent way to build up your digital presence – your digital soul. But you have to begin by actually sharing content and building your audience.

In today’s show, we talk with Brandon Lee, founder of the platform YipYip, a one for many social sharing platform. He shares stories of how a single user is able to share content out to the entire sales’ team’s social channels, varying the time and message for each. This is the conversation starter on your social platforms. Then, the reps can engage and pick up the ball from there.

With sales reps time being stretched so thin, a process like this, which has the ability to share content on behalf of the sales rep, can be a great conversation starter, leading to a sale.

First posted on Prospect Builder.



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