Experience Sales Enablement 2017 Conference Sells Out with the Promotion Power of Yip Yip

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Atlanta, GA: On 24 October 2017 The Sales Enablement Society announced the sell out of their yearly conference held later this month. Through the direct efforts of social media marketing through their members, The Sales Enablement Society, founded in 2016, has grown exponentially over the past year.

This year’s conference in Dallas, sponsored by well-known industry names such as Highspot, Clearslide, and Seismic, boasts a different type of conference. Called “Experience Sales Enablement”, the conference theme centers around a think-tank environment meant to foster collaboration around growing among peers like no other conference of its kind has done before.

With a conference whose goal was to focus more on the attendees than the speakers, having a full house was a big factor of success for this event. With three months and only volunteers to help make the promotion efforts happen, the society needed a strategic partner to help with online communication efforts in a simple and easy way.

As active members of the Atlanta Chapter, Yip Yip offered its platform to sponsor the communication efforts. What started out as just a project for the Atlanta Chapter turned into a nationwide solution to help every chapter of the SES have an online presence and strong social awareness through the syndicated power of Yip Yip’s social advocacy features.   

In just under 2 months, the society, with the help of Yip Yip, was able to completely sell out of tickets for their annual conference at the University of Texas in Dallas. SES Atlanta Chapter President and Communications Lead, Tonya Schultz, says “The Society simply could not have achieved this goal without the power and people of YipYip ”.


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