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Laura Ospina
Marketing Manager


Atlanta, GA: 21 September 2017, RytePath and Yip Yip are pleased to announce a partnership to jointly represent their respective offerings. RytePath is a market leader in sourcing “in market” business leads to assist companies with their customer acquisition efforts. Yip Yip is a market leader in content management and message delivery for Business to Business applications. Yip Yip allows for deeper social discussions between the company, sales associates and their customer and prospect ecosystems defined by such platforms as Facebook, LinkedIn and Salesforce.com.

“Our marketing users value content in shaping and deepening dialogue between their brands. We believe that Yip Yip is a natural extension of managing the message internally to selected target audiences. We see it as the perfect deployment channel strategy for our Business to Business clients,” said Shelle Carrig, CEO of RytePath. RytePath is based in Irvine, CA.

“We are excited by the reach of RytePath’s specialty target audiences. Yip Yip believes that RytePath’s approach of using text mining and Artificial Intelligence in selecting target audience is state of the art, and we welcome being their deployment partner,” said Brandon Lee, CEO of Yip Yip. Yip Yip is based in Atlanta, GA.


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Yip Yip is a one-for-many marketing platform that makes it easy to empower marketers and liberate your client facing teams. Use us to schedule, create and post social and blog posts on behalf of your entire team for social selling, recruiting and employee advocacy today.

Our mission is to enable businesses to start selling and marketing with the future in mind. We enable businesses to work smarter, not harder. With Yip Yip, increase ROI on social selling efforts, create more referrals and opportunities and build brand awareness to increase revenues fast. To see how we do this click here.

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