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Yip Yip August Product Feature Release


Atlanta, GA: On 16 August 2017, Yip Yip announces a rollout of several defining features.
For the purposes of recruiting and affiliate marketing, Yip Yip introduces several integrations to the syndicated social media platform among other publishing and scheduling features.


Recruiting and Affiliate Marketing Service Integration:

  • Landing page forms connected to user blog site templates can now be integrated with custom query values
  • Affiliate or recruiting links for every user connected to the platform can be created and syndicated via promotional content for easy messaging, source tracking, and measuring


Also in the release are several publishing and scheduling features:

  • Admins can now mass edit or delete posts that have already published on user social profiles in the event of editorial mistakes such as; typos, incorrect information, misrouted posts etc.
  • Admins and users can now opt into a smart scheduling option when publishing social posts to social accounts. This feature analysis a user’s previous engagement activity to optimize for best posting time and automates the schedule for this posting time.
  • Admins and Users can now see a character counter that shows a preview while in editing mode for character limits.
  • Links sharing is now improved with link shortening integration via Bitly.


David Gabriel, Customer Success Manager at Yip Yip, says “These additional services and features provide a whole new way to leverage the power of our social syndication platform. Now businesses have a powerful recruiting alternative comparable in results to that of signing with Monster or Indeed. It’s a great time to be alive if you are in HR or leverage affiliate marketing for your business.”


About Us: 

We are a one-for-many marketing platform that empowers one person to do the work of many. Schedule, create and post social and blog posts on behalf of your entire team for social selling, recruiting, and employee advocacy

Our mission is to enable businesses to start selling and marketing with the future in mind. We enable businesses to work smarter, not harder. With Yip Yip, increase ROI on social selling efforts, create more referrals and opportunities and build brand awareness to increase revenues fast.  To see how we do this click here.

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