How Yip Yip Plans to Change the Social Selling Landscape

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Is technology the real cause of disruption in the world? Chances are, if you look at why we embrace technology as readily as we do, you’ll find the answer is “no”. Did iTunes kill the music industry? No, an industry that forced you to buy full albums for a single song did. Can Amazon be blamed for a dying retail space? No, poor customer service and inconvenience can.

So where does this leave us in terms of marketing? The prices for a paid ad boost on social media are going up, and statistics show that only a small percentage of potential leads see content organically when it’s posted on a corporate page or account. It’s time already for a disruption in the way we market online; what does that disruption look like?



How Yip Yip is making a difference:

In short, Yip Yip automates the process of becoming a thought leader in your industry. The Yip Yip platform allows companies to easily post from hundreds of different personalized sites and social media accounts from one place.

Personalized Sites for every member of a team make it easier to see content not from a faceless company, but from a person with whom the audience can easily connect. One well-written blog post can be published on every salesperson’s personalized site at once from the Yip Yip app.

Social Syndication allows a piece of content from the company’s website to be posted on each sales rep’s social media accounts. Now you can perform social selling activities on behalf of every sales rep to send the right messages to the right people at the right time.

Yip Yip is here to help you start sales conversations with the right people. We automate the legitimacy of an online footprint for sales teams, a crucial part of the sales process, so you can spend time focusing on the people who are already at a place to close. More time in your week means a better life for you, and a better experience for your customer.



How to Maximize Your Social Footprint:

First, a look at one Yip Yip user over one month: over 500% increase in readership; 300x increase in social engagement. Readers spent 4x longer on the websites of team members. (All information from Google Analytics).

If you’re familiar with the uphill battle of getting in front of potential leads, you may be wondering how anyone can grow that drastically in such a short period. There’s a massive hole in the social selling industry, and we believe Yip Yip is the missing link to fill that hole in the market.


Why are we doing this?

Posting from personal websites and social media accounts allows a company to gain access to several different spheres of influence that they may never encounter otherwise, and potential leads are more likely to trust content coming from an individual than the same content coming from a corporation.

Here are a few suggestions and practices we’ve seen be highly effective for us and our clients:



It pays to personalize: When you post from your team’s microsites, you probably won’t use the same tone you would use for a corporate blog. Readers pick up on minor tonal changes, so having a more personable, conversational tone is necessary when it’s coming from a person. When possible, use different content for the team sites. Look at the content you publish through Yip Yip as a conversation starter that leads to your goals being met.



Consistency is key: One of the reasons we’re most excited to bring Yip Yip into the marketing world is because we believe the platform makes it astronomically easier to stay consistent. If one person on a team can post consistently, everyone can; when one person posts, it goes to everyone on the team. If you put in the work to create quality content for your audience, you can use Yip Yip to push that content out in a fraction of the time it would take publishing the same content in traditional ways.



Care for your customers: Don’t only post content that’s self-serving. Sure, there is a time and a place for posts that close a deal, but all of your posting shouldn’t fall at the end of a sales funnel. We follow the liked, trusted and remembered model.

What do your customers like to read? What content is interesting and engaging to them as a human? We chose a play on the word like because not only does it make you more likable, it’s also easy to click a like button on social media. The more likes, the more your post is pushed to the top of your audience’s feeds.

Trusted is what lets your audience know that you care and they can trust you. When you go to an event, try remembering to post, tag and praise (but not about you). Post about the event, tag whoever is there and praise them, but leave yourself out of it. This lets your audience know you were there, but you’re not seen as a bragger.

Lastly, what helps your audience remember you? Engage with your audience on social media, talk to them, attend events with them. Doing that, along with publishing the content they want to see, will help you stay top of mind when potential leads are entering the sales pipeline.

To learn more about how to be Liked, Trusted and Remembered and stand out from the crowd with YOUR content read HERE.

Yip Yip is a powerful tool paired with the right content strategy. Together with unique and powerful messages, Yip Yip is changing the social selling landscape.


About Us: 

We are a one-for-many marketing platform that empowers one person to do the work of many. Schedule, create and post social and blog posts on behalf of your entire team for social selling, recruiting, and employee advocacy

Our mission is to enable businesses to start selling and marketing with the future in mind. We enable businesses to work smarter, not harder. With Yip Yip, increase ROI on social selling efforts, create more referrals and opportunities and build brand awareness to increase revenues fast.  To see how we do this click here.



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