Why Content Personalization Doesn’t Stop at Data Analytics

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If you’re a content marketer, you might feel the frustration of doing data analytics, creating content and sharing it to all of your platforms. You quantify engagement. You measure ROI. You may even have added personalization into your strategy.

Regardless, you’re constantly tweaking your messaging to match customer personas, provide relevant information, and speak to your industry’s challenges.

And yet, 70% of that content isn’t even being used at the right time. Yes, that’s right.

In fact, additional research from SJ Insights shows that of the hundreds of messages competing for our attention each day (or thousands, depending on whose stats you cite), the average consumer has some level of engagement with only 12 messages a day.

It’s more than frustrating. It’s an ineffective use of time, money and expertise.

Most marketers feel the same way. In the 2017 B2B Content Marketing Report, 64% of marketers surveyed reported that their content marketing strategy was only moderately or minimally effective. Nearly 50% cited content creation as a primary obstacle. Twenty percent also cited lack of effective content distribution.


So how does a marketer break through the “content tsunami”?

More marketers are turning to strategies that are less about segmentation and more about personalized value.

Engaging content is personalized content

At Yip Yip, we’re geeks when it comes to social and content. We love personalization and how it goes beyond the “click” to truly connect and convert. And we agree with Chris Ortolano’s recent share that the goal of effective personalization is to “engage authentically in conversations about common concerns that lead to a mutually beneficial relationship.” (Check out his article on LinkedIn when you get a chance — it’s a great read.)

Engaging authentically is not just trending terminology; 90% of marketers see individualization as the future of personalized marketing.  

Content personalization comes in a variety of forms and gets its fuel from a growing number of innovative digital tools. And we’re huge fans of those technologies.  Examples include Adobe Target for testing and optimizing content. RichRelevance’s “personalization engine” that delivers personalized, brand-centric experiences physical and virtual spaces. OneSpot, connecting a brand’s personalized content across its email, website and paid media channels. The common denominator among today’s tech is building engagement that leads to retention, referrals and long-term relationships.



Customers are more likely to recommend a brand that connects personally

According to OneSpot/Marketing Insider Group, 60% of consumers feel a stronger connection with a brand that provides relevant content. Nearly 80% report that personalized content increases their intent to purchase that brand’s products or services. And 64% are more likely to recommend a brand that connects personally

It’s clear that content personalization is working. And there’s more on the horizon: channels that haven’t been fully considered. Sales enablement innovation that’s just emerging. And more ways to maximize influence and engagement.



Asking a different question about content personalization

How is your organization leveraging all of its relationships?
Yip Yip is also a type of content personalization platform, but we’re asking an entirely different question than the current industry focus.

We’re not questioning the value of consistent, relevant content. We all recognize the impact of creating content that stands out and connects…

And we’re not asking how organizations are personalizing their content.

We’re asking: How are organizations maximizing their valuable content through all of their existing relationships?



The audience gap: Maximizing content through existing relationships

A missing link in content
Your organization has sales professionals, account managers, customer service reps, sales enablement leaders. And they all have existing relationships — and influence — with their audiences online. They’re connected to them on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter. Sales professionals’ livelihood is based on cultivating their relationships and nurturing their networks, but most of them don’t have time to post their own content, much less post on behalf of the company.

And yet, when your sales professionals consistently communicate with their relationships, they demonstrate expertise, understanding and a commitment to those relationships long-term.  According to a recent survey from XPX, visible expertise and nurturing relationships drives 21.8% of referrals. It may be old school, but word-of-mouth is still a huge factor in customer growth.

A report from Marketo reveals that the average industry conversion rate for B2B referrals is nearly 11%. That’s significant — considering the average for other acquisition channels is 2%.

When it comes to personalized content, companies haven’t fully capitalized on referrals in a scalable, efficient way. Most organizations share content from a corporate social media platform (good), and maybe also from the CEO’s or marketing manager’s platform (better). But they are leaving thousands of personal relationships untouched – those of their sales professionals (best).  


Are you leaving out your sales team’s relationships and audiences?

Do you have sales enablement tools and processes in place to ensure that all of your sales professionals can easily share the right messages on their platforms? If not, they (and your company) are missing out on maximizing their existing relationships and all of those referral leads.  

Sharing personalized content to people who already know and trust you builds relationships, drives engagement, and fuels retention and referrals. What’s more, when people on your sales team consistently speak into the common challenges of customers and prospects, they are seen as trusted thought leaders in their space – and we’ve already seen the stats on expertise as it relates to referral business.



Amplify Your Personalized Content

So you’ve got great content and you know the value of sharing it. You’re even seeing results from posting it via the brand’s social platforms and maybe a few of your leaders’ channels. You are probably also leveraging your content via SEO and organic search, where people might be looking for you, but they don’t already know you.

Basically, it’s not more content you need, it’s a better way of getting that content in front of a broader and more relevant audience.

What the industry needs now is easy distribution of content. That’s the key to leveraging it across all of your sales members’ social channels.  And according to sales and sales enablement leaders, it needs to be fast, efficient and consistent – without requiring sales reps to stop selling and start posting.


One for Many, to Many

Yip Yip recognized the gap and created an automated, syndicated distribution and publishing platform. We call the approach: One for many, to many.  Think of it as personalized distribution.

It’s a next-generation sales enablement tool that allows sales teams (and anyone in the organization) to share personalized corporate content directly with all of their existing relationships.

Syndicated distribution means that a central piece of content gets distributed (and multiplied) to individual sales team members’ channels — email, Facebook, LinkedIn, personalized pages, etc. — to be consumed uniquely by all of their followers, groups, customers, and prospects.

This kind of distribution keeps sales professionals top of mind. Spotlights them for their industry expertise. Helps them continue the conversation with customers and engage prospective customers. Not only on social media, but also where they can personalize content and communication, such as a landing page or microsite.  

And because it’s automated, it doesn’t dilute your sales team’s productivity.

Personalized Content + Personalized Distribution

Marketers are already leading in creating personalized content that influences buying decisions. And 61% of customers surveyed say they are more likely to buy from companies that provide custom content. Now it’s just a question of getting that content to them.

It’s important to remember, particularly in the B2B arena, that those customers are not buying from companies. They’re buying from people.

That’s why personalized content is only part of the solution; personalized distribution is the missing link that provides the right content for all team members so they can share it to the right audiences. And that includes everyone they’re already connected with online.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Yip Yip takes content personalization to a whole different level, reach out to us today by emailing info@goyipyip.com.





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