David Gabriel Joins Yip Yip Inc. as Customer Success Manager

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Laura Ospina
Marketing Manager

David Gabriel Joins Yip Yip Inc. as Customer Success Manager

Atlanta, GA: 17 July 2017, David Gabriel relocates to help foster the success of Atlanta tech startup Yip Yip. Gabriel joins the team at Yip Yip as the company’s customer success manager, and he brings seven years of social media and sales management to the role. Gabriel brings an entrepreneurial edge to his role in Yip Yip, and was recruited after starting and managing the success of his own social media marketing business.

Gabriel says he is “excited to take on this role, because Yip Yip is a unique tool that allows whole teams to function as influencers and thought leaders”. He is also excited to integrate into the culture of Yip Yip because he has shared the same values as the startup throughout his professional career.

Gabriel is an indispensable addition to the team at Yip Yip, as he shares the company’s passion to strategize and help salespeople reach their fullest potential. He is excited about the growth and success of Yip Yip because he believes the company “brings the personalization back into a very automated sector of marketing”.


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