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Hey Yip Yip community! We are excited to announce the launch of  Yip Yip’s community blog and podcast. Our goal is to help strategic business leaders celebrate the wins, learn from the mistakes, and drive sales engagement and enablement across their organization. If you want to subscribe to these updates CLICK HERE. 

The Mission and Vision of our Community Blog

At Yip Yip we believe in the power of community and the power of celebration. We see a huge need in the workplace to create environments of encouragement and recognition, even for the small wins. Often times, in the hustle and bustle of moving forward, we can forget what we’ve done or view other simple accomplishments as mundane.

Our Vision is to help lead, develop and be part of a community that is one step ahead of the game while also helping business leaders become the best at what they do.

Our Mission is to help bring strategic growth to companies, simplify lives in the process and celebrate with them in the big and the small wins.

We’re here to be a resource for our community on the topics of Team Marketing Social Selling, Sales Enablement, Content Marketing and all things digital.

So starting this week, we’ll start covering topics like:

  • Social Selling strategies in the “personalization” era
  • Sales Enablement insights from industry leaders across the globe
  • Marketing and digital trends
  • Featured success stories worth cheering over – you won’t want to miss out on these!
  • And more!

We’re also launching a Vlog series on celebrating the wins in the workplace surround sales enablement, where we’ll feature the best stories from around the globe and interview key leaders on sales enablement company wins and lessons learned along the way.  

Does your business have a great story to tell around sales enablement? How can we celebrate with you and your team? At Yip Yip, we believe in the power of celebrating with your community on achievements, big and small. Our goal is to help businesses drive growth through sales enablement, be innovative in the process, and take a step back and just enjoy the work they’ve done! Let us know if you have a great corporate story you want to tell that’s worth cheering about! Big or small! Email us at justcelebrate@goyipyip.com

We’ll always have something worth cheering about to send you every week. If you want to be part of this community and learn from both experts in sales and marketing then CLICK HERE to stay in the loop and keep the party going all week long!

– Your Friends at Yip Yip

About Us: 

We’ve built a revolutionary platform that gives the marketers on your team, at the press of a button, the power to leverage the sales people on your team who often have the biggest networks and influence. Our mission is to help business start more sales conversations, get more referrals and increase their sales fast. To see how we do this click here.