she does the work once
automated social & blog posting for every sales member
a blog site for every sales member

One push of a button.
Thousands of social selling activities.
Endless opportunities.

Turn your sales team into social selling rock stars with social media posts and on-brand thought leadership blogs for every rep.


Manage, create and schedule on-brand social media and blog content once, and we automate posting and personalization of this for every client-facing member on your team.

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Amplify Your Reach

Efficiently boost your messages by promoting through your team’s social channels

Manage From One

Easily control and create thought leadership for your entire team in once place

Syndicate Content

Automatically publish and personalize blogs and social posts for your entire team

Streamline Social Selling

Your team connects their social accounts once, and we automate posting on their behalf. Create efficient social selling workflows that saves you and your team time, energy and money.

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Increase Efficiency

Stop wasting energy managing and enforcing social selling compliance

Prioritize Sales Activities

Do social selling work for them so your sales team can focus on deal closing activities

Message Control

Easily control who shares what content and when across your team’s social and blog accounts

Content Personalization & Publishing

You tell us how you want your custom blog theme built, and we’ll create and host it for each member of your team on our platform. When you create an article on our platform, it automatically publishes to each member’s personalized blog and social channels.

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Personalized Thought Leadership

Personalize each blog page with contact information, images, and credentials

Blogs For Every Rep

Automatically create and syndicate blog articles and lead forms for each member

Consistent Messaging

Provide consistent thought leadership and social selling on behalf of every rep

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Our Use Cases

Sales Leaders

are priming the sales pipeline to build better relationships on social networks for faster sales cycles.

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Sales Enablement

leaders are saving time and increasing compliance for social selling efficiency and increased ROI.

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Marketing Leaders

are quickly redefining their content’s reach for increased ROI and exponential lead generation.

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Perform thousands of social selling activities on behalf of your entire team at the push of a button.

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Team Yip Yip

A little bit about us.

Our mission is to enable businesses to start selling and marketing with the future in mind. We enable businesses to work smarter, not harder. With Yip Yip, increase ROI on social selling efforts, create more referrals and opportunities and build brand awareness to increase revenues fast.

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Yip Yip is a one-for-many social selling and content creation platform that allows one person to publish blog and social media content once that then gets distributed and personalized on behalf of an entire team.

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